Pictured: Lathe cut parts

Lathe Cut Parts

Used as seals, drive belts, vibration dampening, bumpers, bushings and insulators.

A lathe cut product is manufactured from a cylindrical tube of rubber by inserting a mandrel into the cylindrical tube and cutting the finished dimensions with a knife while the mandrel is being turned at high speed in lathe-like machine. Lathe cut parts are used in many applications including seals, drive belts, vibration dampening, bumpers, bushings and insulators.

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lathe cut parts, detail

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Part number Part name or description
20026-001 RING 1.125IDX1.249ODX.26 VITON
20026-002 1.125IDX1.249ODX.26CUT NITRILE
20026-003 RING 1.125IDX1.249ODX.260 EPDM
2712-006 ROLLER
30521 LATEX DIAPHRAGM .094X.781X.020
LC-.125X.415X.2 BUSHING .125IDX.415ODX.250THK
LC-.187X.75X.50 LATHE CUT .187ID X .75OD X .50
LC-.197X1.1X1.1 LATHE CUT .197X1.181"X1.181" "
LC-.24X1.03X125 SEAL SUNVISOR 22-46412-001/WA0
LC-.24X1.03X187 SEAL SUNVISOR 22-46412-000
LC-.250X1.0X.50 BUSHING 1/4ID X 1OD X .500 CUT
LC-.25X.625X.50 LATHE CUT .25 ID X .625 OD X .
LC-.2968X.5312 .2968ID X .5312OD X .0937CUT
LC-.30IDX.87ODX .300ID X .870OD X.435 CUT 70SB
LC-.30X1.25X.31 LATHE CUT .30IDX1.25ODX.3125CU
LC-.35X.504X.34 .350IDX.504ODX.343CUT 60 NEO
LC-.375 X 1.375 .375X1.375X.750 NEOPRENE 50
LC-.375X.625X.2 .375 ID X .625 OD X .250 CUT
LC-.375X.675X.2 LATHE CUT .375IDX.675ODX.25CUT
LC-.375X.750X.5 LATHE CUT .375 X .750 X .500 6
LC-.375X.75X.12 .375IDX.75ODX.125 THK
LC-.375X.75X.25 .375ID X .750OD X .250 TH 60
LC-.375X.75X1.0 LATH CUT .375IDX.75ODX1.08CUT
LC-.380X.75X.44 .380X.750X.440 NEO 70
LC-.400X.600 .400X.600X.350 CUT 50DURO EPDM
LC-.45X.75X.125 WASHER .450IDX.750ODX.125THK
LC-.4687X1.25X. .4687IDX1.25ODX.7343CUT60 EPDM
LC-.47X.195"X." LC-.47ID x .860"ODx .160" CUT"
LC-.50X.75X1.30 GUILLOTINE .50IDX.75ODX1.30THK
LC-.51X1.19X1.5 DO NOT USE SEE .51X1.187X1.5
LC-.562X1.375 .562IDX1.375ODX.75CUT 60 EPDM
LC-.5X1.187X1.5 BUSHING .5 ID X 1.187 OD X 1.5
LC-.5X2X1.75 .500ID 2.00OD 1.75CUT 50 NEO
LC-.5X3X1.75 .500ID 3.000OD 1.75CUT 50 NEO
LC-.670X1X.187 WASHER WHITE 60-70 FDA
LC-.70X2.5"X3'" .70ID X 2.5OD X 3' CUT POLE CU
LC-.75X2.5"X4'" .750 ID X 2.50" OD X 4 FT CUT"
LC-.750 X 1.250 WASHER/WHITE 80 SHORE CUT .187
LC-.750X1X.375 .750IDX1ODX.375CUT 40 BUNA-N
LC-.750X2.5X.75 BUSHING 3/4X2.50 OD X .750 CUT
LC-.750X2.5X2 " BUSHING 3/4IDX2.5ODX2CUT "
LC-.750X2.5X3 " BUSHING 3/4ID X 2-1/2OD X 3 "
LC-.750X2.5X4 " BUSHING 3/4ID X 2-1/2OD X 4 "
LC-.870X1.522 WASHER .870IDX1.522ODX.065 THK
LC-.875 X 3 X 3 BUSHING 7/8X3ODX3"CUT "
LC-.875X3X2.5 BUSHING 7/8X3ODX2.5"CUT "
LC-.880X1.522 WASHER .880IDX1.522ODX.065 THK
LC-.890X1.375X. .890IDX1.375ODX1.5CUTX.243WALL
LC-.968X2X.225 ROLLER 31/32X2X.225 60 SBR "
LC-1-11/16X3OD" BUSHING 1-11/16ID 3OD X 1"CUT"
LC-1-3/8 X 9/16 9/16 ID X 1-3/8 OD X .75CUT 60
LC-1.06X2.56X1. 1-1/16X2-9/16X1-13/16CUT 60SBR
LC-1.06X2.56X75 1-1/16X2-9/16X3/4 OD GR 65 SBR
LC-1.06X2.96X.5 1-1/16X2-31/32X1/2 OD GR 60SBR
LC-1.13X2.00X.3 BUSHING 1.13ID 2.00 OD .37 CUT
LC-1.215X1.538 FUEL CAP WASHER #323534
LC-1.25X1.47X.8 WASHER 1.25IDX1.47ODX.81 EPDM
LC-1.25X1.625X. LATHE CUT 1.25IDX1.625ODX.250T
LC-1.578X2.063 LATHE CUT 1.578IDX2.063ODX.125
LC-1.625X2.031X WASHER 1&5-8X2&1-32X3-16 EP 50
LC-1.625X2.187 WASHER 1.625ID X2.187OD X .250
LC-1.625X2.188 WSH'R1.625X2.188X.280 +000-015
LC-1.62X2.18X20 WASHER 1.625IDX2.188ODX.200 CU
LC-1.781X2.093 1.781IDX2.093ODX.188 EPDM 50
LC-1.875X1.380 SILICONE 50 DURO .032 CUT
LC-125X1.625X.2 DO NOT USE SEE LC-1.25X1.625X.
LC-187X1.50X312 .187ID X 1.5OD X .312THK SBR60
LC-2.031X2.468 2.031 ID x 2.468 OD x .187 CUT
LC-2.187X2.468X WASHER 2&3/16X2&15/32X3/16EPDM
LC-2.25X2.625X WASHER 2&1-4X2&5-8X3-16 EPDM50
LC-2.375X3X.125 2.375IDX3"ODX.125 CUT 60 EPDM"
LC-2.50X3.125X. WASHER 2.50X3.125X.250 EP50
LC-2X2.625X.125 2IDX2.625ODX.125CUT 50 BLK EP
LC-2X2.625X.200 WASHER 2IDX2.625ODX.200 CUT
LC-2X2.625X.250 WASHER 2ID X 2.625OD X .25 CUT
LC-2X2.62X.220 2IDX2.62ODX.220THK
LC-2X2.65X.280 2IDX2.625ODX.280+.00-.015 50E"
LC-3.26X2.55ID LC-3.26X2.55X.125 CUT 60 NEO
LC-3.62X3.84X.1 3.620X3.844X.100SILICONE TREAT
LC-3.755X.1X.09 3.755X.1X.094 50 SIL TREAT NEO
LC-3.7X3.15X1/8 2G1901 CYLINDER GASKET 50 NEO
LC-3/8X1.375X.5 LATHE CUT 3/8IDX1.375ODX.5CUT
LC-3/8X1.5X1/4 WASHER .375IDX1.5ODX.250 SBR60
LC-3/8X1.5X3/4 WASHER .375IDX1.5ODX.75 SBR 60
LC-3/8X1/16/1/4 WASHER 70 SHORE EPDM
LC-3/8X2X1.75 " 2 PIPE HOLDER "
LC-3/8X3X1.75 " 3 PIPE HOLDER "
LC-3/8X7/8X1/2 LATHE CUT 3/8IDX7/8ODX1/2CUT
LC-4.5X5.5X.125 4.5IDX5.5"ODX.125CUT 60 EPDM "
LC-5/16X1.5X1/8 5/16ID X 1.50D X 1/8THK 60 SBR
LC-5/8X1.25X2 " SPR RUBBER 5/8IDX1.25ODX2CUT "
LC-5/8X2.5X2 " BUSHING C-COACH 2564-12
LC-5/8X2.5X2.5 BUSHING C-COACH #2564-13
LC.4688X1.250 15/32IDX1-1/4"ODX47/64"CUT "