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Update to Estco PDF parts catalog

We’ve made some end-of-year updates to our catalog.

These are most usability improvements.

All parts are now alphabetically listed within their sections, for ease of use.

Also, the table of contents links to the associated page on the web site.

Fuse It Tape self-fusing silicone tape

Featured: Fuse It Tape self-fusing silicone tape

We want to bring to your attention Estco’s own brand of self-fusing silicone tape, Fuse It Tape.

This tape is tougher than leading self-fusing silicone tapes, because it’s thicker. With a tensile strength of 1150 psi – it’s up to 64% stronger.

Not only is it a stronger tape, it costs less.

There is no reason not to get a better product for less money.