solid round balls

Precision, or flashless balls

These molds are made to commercial tolernaces and will have flash around the parting line of balls.

Precision, or flashless balls, are also available in various sizes and materials. These balls are OD ground which eliminates any flash or parting line and can result in TiR tolerances of ±.003. Higher production volumes are required on flashless balls as a result of the set-up of special equipment.


Dimensions tables are long and do not adequately fit on mobile devices.


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Inch Dec MM
E-664 1/8 0.125 3.2
E-665 1/4 0.250 6.4
E-2993 3/8 0.375 9.5
E-2636 7/16 0.438 11.1
E-656 1/2 0.500 12.7
E-659 3/4 0.750 19.1